New PitkinAlert System to Launch

A new, more robust PitkinAlert system will launch next week that will improve how the public receives emergency alerts and other urgent communication. PitkinAlert is used to communicate urgent local information in “real time” about everything from traffic accidents and hazardous conditions on Highway 82 to severe weather forecasts, a wildfire threat in the area or an evacuation notification in a crisis.


The new PitkinAlert system requires all users, even those signed up for the old PitkinAlert service, to create a new account online at The sign up takes minutes and Director of Pitkin County Emergency Communications Bruce Romero hopes locals, second homeowners, visitors and anyone else who can benefit from receiving the information will sign up.


“Our goal is to have all 3,000 plus members of the old Pitkin Alert service re-sign up for the new Pitkin Alert and increase the total number of participants to 10,000 or more,” said Director of Emergency Communications, Bruce Romero.


PitkinAlert can send alerts to landline telephones, call and/or text cell phones, send emails and send  TTY messages to the hearing impaired.


“Having multiple ways to contact you in an emergency is important,” Romero said. “For example, if we call your home telephone in the event of a wildfire evacuation and you aren’t home to receive the call, by being a member of PitkinAlert you will also receive the alert on your cell phone, email and text message. That will give us and you more peace of mind,” Romero said.


PitkinAlert is a free service.  Sign up at


“Remember, if we can’t contact you, we can’t alert you,” Romero said.


Posted on Tuesday, April 09, 2013