Utilities and Environmental Initiatives Agency Safe Driver Awards


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Utilities and Environmental Initiatives Agency Safe Driver Awards



Aspen, CO – June 11, 2013 – The City of Aspen has hundreds of vehicles on the roads each week providing valuable services to the community.  Part of the effort to provide the best service possible is ensuring safety on the roads.  Not only does it make the City safer, it keeps insurance premiums down.

The City of Aspen Utilities and Environmental Initiatives agency just received its 2012 Safe Driver Awards and the agency is proud to honor its many employees that have been accident-free for decades while driving daily to provide water and electric service to our Community.  

Congrats to our CIRSA (Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency ) 2012 Safe Driver Award Recipients:

20 Years of Safe Driving – Martin Mendoza and Neal Goldsborough

15 Years of Safe Driving – Chuck Fillion, Thomas Dunn, Karen Norlund, Ron Christian

10 Years of Safe Driving – Keith Wester, Benito Cuevas

5 Years of Safe Driving – Sam Irmen, Lee Ledesma, Charlie Bailey, Mark Feinsinger, Michael Tontis, Steve Wilson, Phil Overeynder, Alberto Torres, Jeff Rice, Billy Gartner

The City is proud of its safety record and the service these employees have provided the community.




Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2013