New Finding in the Investigation of Cheryl Lurie’s Death

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Stephanie Dasaro, Community Relations Specialist

Aspen Police Department



New Finding in the Investigation of Cheryl Lurie’s Death


ASPEN, CO - 11/23/2009 4:00PM – The Aspen Police Department confirms that on Friday, November 20, investigators in the death of Cheryl Ann Lurie found a sprinkler head with a trace of unknown dried residue. The sprinkler head was located in the same vicinity where Cheryl’s body was found on November 16. The sprinkler head was taken into evidence, and will be later processed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations laboratory to confirm the type and origin of the residue.


Today, Aspen Police Detective Chris Womack, along with Pitkin County Coroner Scott Thompson, attended a second autopsy in Denver, performed by the Arapahoe County Coroner Dr. Michael Dobersen. According to Dr. Dobersen, the new autopsy report will recommend the death of Cheryl Ann Lurie be ruled as accidental/undetermined. A sprinkler head, identical to the one collected at the crime scene, was taken to the autopsy in Denver and was found to be a near perfect match to the physical evidence on the body.


Based on information obtained by the coroner and pathologists, evidence collected, and interviews conducted as part of the investigation the Aspen Police Department believes that the death of Cheryl Ann Lurie was accidental, despite the curious circumstances. Until the official coroner’s report, the completion of evidence review and laboratory findings, the Aspen Police Department is unable to release any additional information or specific details related to the crime scene, the condition of Cheryl Lurie’s body, or the evidence collected. As the investigation continues, the Aspen Police Department will still consider all possibilities in the death of Cheryl Ann Lurie.


For media questions, please contact the Aspen Police Department at (970) 920-5400.

Posted on Monday, November 23, 2009