New Local Resource for Low Income Families Seeing Childcare







New Local Resource for Low Income Families Seeing Childcare


Contact:  Eagle County (Vail Valley)- Olga Wilkins at (970)401-4552 or; In Western Eagle or Pitkin County (Roaring Fork Valley)- Amy Coyle at (970)309-8277 or


Aspen, CO –January 14, 2014– The cost of entry to high quality childcare programs is often prohibitive for many working families who struggle to live in resort communities like Eagle and Pitkin Counties. Infant care can top out at $70 a day, while preschool can be as high as $64 per day. For that reason, Eagle, Pitkin, and Lake Counties partnered with the Rural Resort Region Early Childhood Council (RRRECC) in a competitive state grant process, and received the second highest award in the state aimed at increasing capacity and improving quality in infant and toddler care.

One important outcome of the grant is to provide assistance to families who are trying to navigate their way through the childcare maze of programs and cost.   As a result of the grant, there are now Family Engagement Coordinators in Eagle, Lake, and Pitkin counties whose role is to help families complete applications for childcare subsidies as well as create a bridge between childcare centers and families with young children.  Subsidies are for qualified families who earn less than 185% of the federal poverty limit.  For example, if you are a family of four, with a gross monthly income of less than $3631 you may qualify for assistance.

According to a report from the non-profit, Child Care Aware America, Colorado is placed within the five least affordable states for child care.  With rising costs of child care, parents are forced to make difficult decisions, often opting for cheaper childcare that can at times not meet safety and quality standards. The vast majority of brain growth (90 percent between the ages zero to three) happens in the early years, offering an important early window of opportunity to establish positive routines and behaviors that help a child learn and foster a love of learning. Children who have access to high quality early care and education outperform their counterparts with higher school achievement, lower dropout rates, lower arrest rates, and higher average incomes; making a compelling case for public investment.

Contract information for additional questions or if you might qualify: In Eagle County (Vail Valley)- Olga Wilkins at (970)401-4552 or ; In Western Eagle or Pitkin County (Roaring Fork Valley)- Amy Coyle at (970)309-8277 or


Posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2014