Aging Well Community Planning Initiative Rolls Out Priorities

First Step in a Community-Wide Effort to Meet the Needs of the Fastest Growing Local Population


 According to Colorado Census figures, nearly one quarter of the population in Pitkin County is over age 60 and the over 80 demographic is growing at a faster rate than any other locally. This was the impetus for a 6-month-long strategic planning effort called the “Aging Well Community Planning Initiative” (AWCPI). The effort has resulted this month in a list of priorities that have the best interests of the over 60 population in Pitkin County at heart.


 “Many of us in the over 60 crowd don’t recognize ourselves as aging because we’re still active and involved,” said Pitkin County Senior Services Director, Marty Ames. “The results of our Aging Well Initiative are recognition by the entire community what we’re going to need to stay here and live, age well, and thrive” Ames said.


Among the priorities identified in the AWCPI plan are ensuring that older adults will be able to age in place, be safe, and have access to physical and mental health services and that they will have access to services that support their wellness including nutrition, exercise, brain fitness, socialization and spirituality. Other priorities identified in the plan include encouraging social and civic engagement as the community increasingly recognizes older adults as an essential and valued segment of the population.  A Senior Center that is properly sized, designed and located to serve the needs of a growing and aging older adult population is also listed as a priority along with a centralized, commonly known and user-friendly system for accessing information that is important and relevant to older adults.


A “Senior Summit” is planned in mid-June where community leaders, partners, resources and priority completion dates in the AWCPI plan will be identified.  


“You’ve heard the saying ‘It takes a village’. This effort is going to take the commitment of the entire community to be successful and sustainable,” Ames said. “As we roll out these priorities we will rely on the private and public sectors to take action.”


The date and time of the Senior Summit has yet to be determined. More information about the planning effort is available online at


Posted on Monday, March 31, 2014