Arrest of Carlos Irwin Estevez

Press Release


            On Christmas Day, Friday December 25, 2009 at approximately 1120 AM Carlos Irwin Estevez, also known as the actor Charles I. Sheen, was brought to the Pitkin County Colorado Jail for booking and incarceration following his arrest by the Aspen Police Department.  Estevez had been arrested for Second Degree Assault, a class four felony, Menacing, a class five felony and Criminal Mischief, a class one misdemeanor. All charges are coupled with a domestic violence component. Mr. Estevez has a total bond amount of $8,500. As with all domestic violence cases, Mr. Estevez will remain incarcerated, held without bond, at the jail until his case undergoes its initial judicial review.   


            All further inquiries regarding this criminal case should be made to Stephanie Dasaro, Public Information Officer for the Aspen Police Department at 


Jeff Lumsden, Patrol Director, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office

Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009