Suspects Arrested in Shoplifting Spree

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Suspects Arrested in Shoplifting Spree  


ASPEN, CO - 01/14/2010 – On January 13, 2009 at approximately 6PM, several officers from the Aspen Police Department responded to a theft “in-progress” call in the vicinity of 405 East Cooper Street. Information provided by the caller led to the officers contacting two males matching the suspects’ description.


Upon further investigation, Officers David Thompson and Gregg Cole arrested Devint Visanh Vongphachan, 25 year old from San Pablo, California, and Philbert Lantin Delrio, 31year old from Union City, California, for two counts each of Theft from a Building $1000 - $20,000, CRS 18-4-401 (2) C, a fourth degree felony; one count each of Possession of Marijuana less than 1oz., CRS 18-18-401 (l) a misdemeanor; Possession of Burglary Tools, CRS 18-4-205, a fifth degree felony; Criminal Impersonation, CRS 18-5-113 (1E) C, a fifth degree felony; and Conspiracy, CRS 18-2-207 (1D), a fifth degree felony.


They appeared in Pitkin County District Court on Thursday, January 14, 2010 for advisement.


The property recovered from the suspects includes retail merchandise, from the Aspen and, possibly, Vail areas. Aspen officers will be contacting the Vail Police Department to coordinate the investigation. If you believe your retail business has been a victim of shoplifting or theft, please contact the Aspen Police Department so we can take a full report at (970) 920-5400. As detectives from the Aspen Police catalog the recovered property, they will contact businesses to identify their property. Use the following tips to help prevent shoplifting at your business:

·         Advertise that your business doesn’t tolerate theft; use decals, signs, and cameras.  ·         Train employees to interact with and watch patrons; this is your best weapon against shoplifting.

·         Create physical barriers, such as alternating hanger directions or glass cases. ·         Require receipts for returns; post this policy.

·         Ensure that fitting rooms require employee keys and have an attendant to verify what’s taken in and collect unwanted merchandise.

·         Use customer service to make a shoplifter nervous and engage your honest customers.


Please contact Community Relations Specialist Stephanie Dasaro with any media questions at 970-920-5400.

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2010