Courtroom Press Lottery Delayed Until Tuesday

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Courtroom Press Lottery Delayed Until Tuesday


ASPEN, CO - 01/15/2010 – The lottery for both press courtroom attendance and satellite truck parking will be delayed until Tuesday, January 19 at 9AM, pending the finalization of security planning and standards of courtroom decorum policies. The submission deadline for both lotteries has been extended until Tuesday, January 19 at 7AM. To obtain more information about the lottery or submit an entry, go to


On Wednesday, January 20, 2010 Carlos Irwin Estevez, also known as Charlie Sheen, is scheduled to appear at the Pitkin County Courthouse at 9AM for a motion hearing to modify a mandatory protection order. In preparation for significant media and community interest in the hearing, the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and Aspen Police Department are taking measures to ensure public safety during the course of the hearing, to allow for continued public access to government services, and to protect the historic nature of the building.


Admittance to the Pitkin County Courthouse will be restricted, as follows: general access to the courthouse will be limited to those members of the public with a clearly defined business purpose with the courts, police, sheriff, assessors, or other county services; District Court access to Mr. Estevez’ hearing will be limited to 60 people; County Court access for other court proceedings will be limited to 35 people. Anyone admitted into the Courthouse should be prepared for security screenings. Any members of the public or press not permitted into the Courthouse should be prepared to wait outside.


When security details and courtroom decorum policies are finalized, an update will be issued. For media questions, please contact the Public Information Officer Stephanie Dasaro at (970) 920-5300 or (970) 920-5400.

Posted on Friday, January 15, 2010