Aspen and Vail Law Enforcement Participate in Exchange

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Bill Linn, Assistant Chief of Administration

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Aspen and Vail Law Enforcement Participate in Exchange  


ASPEN, CO - 01/22/2010 – Three law enforcement representatives from the Aspen Police Department are in Vail through Jan. 24 to participate in an information-sharing exchange program between the resort communities. Officers Rick Magnuson and Gregg Cole and a community safety officer Vanessa Olson are participating in “ride-alongs,” briefings and other regular tasks assigned to Vail’s sworn officers and code enforcement officers. During this same period, Vail code enforcement officer Penny Harpe and police officers Ryan Millbern and Mike Bindle are shadowing officers here in Aspen over a four-day period. The exchange is the first of its kind between the two organizations.


Assistant Chief Bill Linn and Vail Chief of Police Dwight Henninger developed the exchange, expressing the similarities of law enforcement challenges in Aspen and Vail. “Because of the obvious similarities between Aspen and Vail, we expect to learn how Vail operates,” said Linn. “We previously have sent officers to other agencies as a learning experience, but this is the first time we have actually exchanged officers with another agency.”


The participants are expected to accompany their counterparts on regular shifts throughout the week, as well as initiating conversations with residents and guests to determine how the law enforcement agencies are perceived. “Please feel free to contact the Vail officers and ask them about their city,” said Linn. For more information on the exchange program, contact Assistant Chief Bill Linn at (970) 274-4103.


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Posted on Friday, January 22, 2010