CAR TO GO Adds More Hybrid Vehicles
Aspen’s CAR TO GO carshare program introduced four new hybrid vehicles into its fleet on May 10. These vehicles, two Ford Escape SUV’s and two Ford Fusion sedans (which replace four non-hybrid vehicles), bring the program’s fleet to a total of nine cars, eight of which utilize hybrid technology.  The vehicles were purchased with a Congestion Mitigation Air Quality grant.

CAR TO GO is a membership program that offers participants access to a fleet of nine cars parked in convenient locations around Aspen including Paepcke Park, Rio Grande Place, Hunter Creek, Centennial, Cooper Avenue, Hyman Avenue, AABC and Aspen Valley Hospital.  Members can choose from SUV’s, sedans and a pickup truck.  The program is operated by the City of Aspen as part of the City’s comprehensive Transportation Demand Management program aimed at capping traffic at 1993 levels.  Carsharing worldwide is associated with reduced car ownership and increased transit use, carpooling, cycling and walking.  It is estimated that CAR TO GO’s current membership saves 12,340 gallons of fuel and 106.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent each year.

Currently, 121 individuals participate in the program.  Members pay $10 per month as well as hourly and per mile fees based on actual usage.  Rates include gas, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance as well as rental car and airport shuttle discounts.  The typical CAR TO GO member pays about $750 per year versus upwards of $11,000 paid by most Americans to own, insure, fuel and maintain a car each year. 

Beyond individual memberships, CAR TO GO has developed a niche as an alternative to employer fleet operations, allowing businesses to save money on fleet management and offer their employees a tool for daytime travel, in turn allowing those employees to freely use public transportation or other alternative modes.  The program is also being discovered by second homeowners who are using the program as an alternative to car ownership and/or long-term car rentals. 

For more information about CAR TO GO, visit or call 970-920-5066.


Posted on Thursday, May 13, 2010