Input Needed on Burlingame Phase II
The City of Aspen is holding a community-wide open house to gather input on the design for Burlingame Phase II, which is planned to include 167 affordable, for-sale units.

The City has hired a design team with the goal of providing a detailed design for what Burlingame Phase II should look like, as well as a guaranteed maximum price, by September of 2010. The project will then to go to the voters at the earliest in 2011. Voters would need to approve bonding in order for actual construction to begin. 

The open house will be a barbecue on Thursday, June 17, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Rio Grande Plaza (behind the library) and will include free burgers, brats, chips, drinks and kids’ activities.

“Now is the time to be in the room… or in this case, having a burger on the Rio Grande Plaza,” said Project Manager Chris Everson. “We want input from people about what Burlingame Phase II should look and feel like, how it’s built and what the livability is like in terms of storage, open space, unit plans and transportation. Come prepared to talk at this meeting, not listen.”

Everson, who will be putting doorknob hangers announcing the open house on all affordable housing rental properties, is targeting the audience that will likely be most interested in the project: future buyers.

Despite the down economy, demand for affordable housing remains high, particularly from families looking for a home in Aspen that provides a bit of space and room for growing children to play.

The Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority is still receiving an average of 15 bids per unit that comes up for sale and has sold 40 units in 2010. Despite this winter’s downturn in seasonal rental demand, all long-term affordable rentals are full, and the “housing wanted” ads on the APCHA Website have dozens of listing.

“Burlingame was envisioned as the crown jewel of the affordable housing program in Aspen and place for families to call this community home,” Everson said. “Phase II may not be built for years, and we may phase the construction to not flood the market at once with new units and build just a bit at a time, but now is the time to decide what it will look like and have your say.”

More information on the project is available here.

Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2010