Alien Invasion in Aspen?
Think Aspen is experiencing an alien invasion?



Well, not today at least. The Aspen Water Department this morning worked to install the first of two, low-profile "clarifier covers," which are spaceship-looking roofs for the swimming pool-like tanks used in creating Aspen’s drinking water.

The tanks, called clarifiers, serve as the first step in treating drinking water from Castle and Maroon Creeks. A polymer is added in the clarifiers to work as a coagulant, gathering all the debris (such as leaves) into chunks so it is easier to filter out of the water. The new covers, which are preferred by state drinking water officials, help keep additional debris and dust out of the tanks.

"The more debris that is kept out of the tanks means we need less polymer in the water, and that's always a good thing," said Phil Overeynder, director of public works.

The covers, despite looking space-age, are low-profile and are a nice alternative to building big buildings around the tanks. They are also located very close to the surface of the water, helping to keep the water from freezing as often and resulting in easier maintenance at the facility.    

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Posted on Tuesday, July 13, 2010