ZGreen Cup Challenge Comes to Local Coffee Shops
Which coffee shop in Aspen has the most committed and greenest customers? There is only one way to find out…

“Everyone has a favorite coffee shop in Aspen, and this month ZGreen is encouraging customers to get out and support their favorite shop by using a reusable cup,” said Ashley Cantrell, environmental health specialist with the City of Aspen.

The ZGreen Reusable Cup Challenge begins Monday, Feb. 7, and lasts until Sunday, Feb. 13. The coffee shop whose customers bring the most reusable cups in one week wins.

“Most coffee cups are made from 100% virgin white paper, not recycled paper, because recycled content can’t withstand high temperatures,” Cantrell said. “With the U.S. using 23 billion paper coffee cups each year, that’s more than 9 million trees that were needed to make those cups.”

Also, most cups are covered with a thin plastic resin that helps insulate the cup. This lining prevents the cup from being recycled or composted, which means that all those cups end up in the landfill.

What can you do? Stop by the City’s Environmental Health Dept. on the second floor of Aspen City Hall and pick up a free reusable mug, while supplies last. Then visit your favorite coffee shop to help them take home the gold.

“Reducing waste by bringing your own mug also saves you money,” Cantrell said. “All participating coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own cup, and the savings could be around $200 a year if you drink coffee every day.”

Participants in the ZGreen Cup Challenge include:
Café Ink
Boden’s Butter
The Aspen Corner Store
French Pastry Café
Parallel 15
Paradise Bakery

The City of Aspen's ZGreen Program is a three-part certification and outreach program designed to reduce the environmental impacts of Aspen's citizens, visitors, businesses and events.

Visit www.AspenZGreen.com for more.

Posted on Thursday, February 03, 2011