B'game HOA Takes First Step to Increase Units
The Burlingame Homeowners’ Association and the City of Aspen announced today that homeowners have taken the first step to approve an increase of 22 units to the Burlingame Ranch project, which would raise the total number of units from 236 units to 258 units.


In a vote held on September 30, 94.3 percent of homeowners voted to temporarily suspend two sections of their declarations. One section limited multi-family homeowner’s votes to 49 percent of the total vote count; another section required 100 percent approval of all homeowners for any increase in the total unit count. This suspension allowed 67 percent of all owners to vote to approve the unit count increase under an agreement with the City.


The second step of approval – a vote on the actual amendment to the declarations that governs total unit count – will come at a homeowner meeting scheduled for October 28. The Board currently holds proxy statements approving that amendment by 93.4 percent.


“This agreement represents a ‘win/win/win’ for homeowners at Burlingame and the City of Aspen and the working person of Aspen in need of a home,” said Derek Brown, president of the Burlingame Ranch I Condominium Owner’s Association. “We have all worked very hard to create an agreement that allows the City to develop at a higher density and addresses homeowner’s concerns about the impacts of that density on our quality of life.  Much effort has been made to ensure Burlingame Ranch will become the beacon of the affordable housing program that was originally envisioned. Our Condominium Owners Board – Sam Ferguson, Nelson Bell, and previous president, Diana Ettlinger – have met countless times over the last 14 months with city officials and with homeowners to arrive at an acceptable level of expansion.  I believe everyone is ready to move forward with the development of Burlingame Phase II/III.  This is a great community and we’re excited that even more people will have the chance to live here.”


Under the agreement approved by homeowners, changes include:

  1. The City’s will be able to increase the total unit count from 236 units to 258 units at Burlingame Ranch;
  2. Thirteen (13) of those units will be single family home sites/homes;
  3. The parking ratio will be increased from 1.67 to 2.0 spaces per unit, and the city will construct 28 new spaces in the Phase 1 area, with those spaces to be allocated by the HOA;
  4. The City will eliminate the $60 per month per unit mobility fee and the additional services that accompany that fee (membership in CarToGo, taxi vouchers and the mobility allowance);
  5. The City will retroactively forgive the Burlingame Ranch I Condominium Association, Inc. and the Burlingame Ranch Affordable Housing Association, Inc. all unpaid mobility fees, which under mutual agreement have been held in abeyance during the negotiations;
  6. The City will relinquish to the HOA all rights to revenue associated with parking space rental income (if they choose to rent out additional unassigned spaces) and turn over enforcement of parking rules to the HOA;
  7. The City will make a contribution of $25,000 for the finish out of the HOA Commons Building;
  8. The City will construct a stairway/ramp to the parking lot on Callahan Court from Mining Stock Parkway;
  9. The City will, in designing building placements, emphasize open space in Phase II /III, in particular buildings clustered around courtyards with “usable open space” and create a minimum of 100 square feet of  Usable Open Space for every 1000 square feet of living space that is created in the design of phase II/III;
  10. The City will complete the planned connector trail improvements from Burlingame Ranch to the Airport Business Center and pursue plans to provide a direct route to the Roaring Fork River and the Rio Grande Trail and Bridge off the Airport Business Center connector trail as determined by the Parks & Open Space Capital Improvement Program and the ability of the CIP fund to support such construction.


Under this agreement, the City will benefit by being able to construct 22 more units than it would otherwise have been permitted to build. The “value” to the city of using already purchased land – and forgoing the need to purchase additional land in order to build those 22 units – is conservatively estimated at $150,000 per unit, or some $3.3 million.


“This agreement will enable the City to serve the housing needs of an additional 22 families on land the City already owns,” Mayor Mick Ireland said. “We are grateful to the homeowners for working with us to find common ground and approve these changes. Now even more people will benefit from the City’s affordable housing program in the same way that current Burlingame residents do.”


Over the course of the next 60 days, the Aspen City Council will adopt a resolution memorializing the agreement with the homeowners. The City will then need to amend the various land use approval documents (such as the PUD) and other documents as these changes wind their way from agreement with the HOA to entitlement approvals and to design/construction contracts.


For more information, contact Assistant City Manager Barry Crook at 970-920-5296.

Posted on Tuesday, October 06, 2009