Call to Roaring Fork Valley Artists

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The City of Aspen is seeking artists to create sculptures of bicycles that will be placed on public sidewalks, malls and parks in downtown Aspen from August 1-30.



Specifically, the City is looking for artists to create bicycle sculptures in conjunction with the US Pro Cycling Challenge bike race that is coming through town August 24th. 

The idea is to incorporate public art and the bicycle theme to showcase our local artists and to create excitement and beauty around the USPCC race and other affiliated events.


Specs and guidelines for artists:

The City of Aspen encourages artists to use recycled materials but whatever materials artists use, consider that finished pieces need to be heavy enough that people can’t steal them off the street or light enough to be stored in local businesses at night. (City will help you connect with businesses that are interested in having sculpture outside their store/restaurant/office and are willing to bring it inside at night.)

Artist is responsible for any transportation to and from the site where sculpture will be displayed.

Designs must be made to withstand exposure to the elements and extended outdoor display.

The public is invited to touch and experience the art pieces while they are on display. Keep durability and safety in mind.

Finished piece must be no larger than 6’x6’x6’.

City is not responsible for anything that happens to the piece while on display.

The City of Aspen encourages artists to sell their work.   The City requires a 10% commission on the sale to help fund the non-profit that is sponsoring the race events.

Design ideas must be submitted and will be reviewed to ensure adherence to the theme and public nature of the exhibit.  Artist statement requested before installation begins.

To submit design idea: Send email to describing the piece including size, approximate weight, materials used and concept sketches if you have them. 

Submissions taken through July 18th

Installation date is August 1st

Take down date is August 30th


For more information and to submit design:

Mitzi Rapkin

Community Relations Director, City of Aspen

130 S. Galena St.

Aspen, CO 81611

970-920-5082 o

970-319-2791   c

Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2011