County Open Space to Restore another Historic Emma Building


(Emma, CO) Another historic structure in the vicinity of the Emma Store buildings will be restored thanks to a grant from the State Historic Fund.


Pitkin County Open Space officials learned this week that they will receive $94,706 from the State of Colorado to restore the Emma “Powder House”, a smaller brick building that sits behind the main Emma Store buildings that were restored by Pitkin County Open Space last year. The grant award was based on a Pitkin County Open Space pledge to match it with $46,646 for a total restoration budget of $141,353.

“We are thrilled once again to receive funding from the State Historic Fund to restore yet another irreplaceable historic structure in Emma,” said Pitkin County Open Space and Trails Director, Dale Will. “The Powder House is very elegant, with a charming cupola centered on a pitched roof. It would be a shame not to include this building in the overall Emma restoration effort,” Will said.

The Powder House was constructed circa 1898 along with the nearby Mather House and Emma Store buildings. Some say that black powder was stored there to isolate it from the main buildings.  Others have suggested it was used as a livery.  Research is ongoing.  

The next step will be to undertake an engineering review of specifics for restoration of the roof and walls, similarly to what was achieved with the larger buildings.  Actual restoration work early could begin as early as next spring. 

Posted on Friday, August 05, 2011