Naming Committee Forms to Select One Identity for Mountain Park

(Aspen, CO) A “Mountain Park Naming Committee” is being formed to select a name for the mountain park now comprised of multiple open space parcels: Cozy Point South, Droste , Seven Star, and Hidden Valley in one contiguous ridgeline, and Burlingame Ranch, Airport Bluff, Cozy Point, Aspen Mass, Mills, and Upper North Mesa in a greater environs. These contiguous properties are owned in part by Pitkin County, the Town of Snowmass and the City of Aspen.  While some of these parcels may retain their separate name, the committee will search for a name for the whole ridge top park and the surrounding area.  A delegate from each of the following organizations is being invited to participate on the committee: Pitkin County Commissioners, Pitkin County Open Space and Trails Board, Snowmass Town Council, Snowmass Trails Committee, Aspen City Council, Aspen Open Space Board, and Aspen Valley Land Trust. Input from the public will also be considered.

“We’re excited about naming this mountain park area and there is growing excitement in the community to help us,” said Pitkin County Open Space and Trails Director, Dale Will. “This is such an important, jointly-owned, centrally – located group of open space parcels. We know we’re going to get some great name suggestions.”

The first order of business will be to create a process for selecting a name.  The committee’s process will ensure public participation and input.

“We hope to have a name by fall 2011,” Will said. “Ideally the naming committee will solicit proposals from all interested parties, allowing enough time to receive proposals before making its decision.”

The first meeting of the Mountain Park Naming Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31st from 12:30 to 2pm in the Plaza 1 meeting room behind the Clerk’s Office at 530 E. Main St. Aspen. For more information call


Posted on Friday, August 26, 2011