2nd Annual City of Aspen ZGreen Cup Challenge


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2nd Annual City of Aspen ZGreen Cup Challenge

Seven Local Aspen Coffee Shops Participating in ‘green’ Competition


Contact: Ashley Cantrell, City of Aspen Sustainability Coordinator, 970-429-1798


Aspen, Colorado –February 6, 2012– Which coffee shop in Aspen has the most committed and greenest customers?  There is only one way to find out.   The ZGreen reusable cup challenge is back for a second year this week, today – February 10th. Local coffee shops are competing in a friendly community competition to determine which shop can get the most customers to use reusable coffee mugs. The challenge is a fun way for local businesses and citizens to increase awareness of the unnecessary waste produced by paper and Styrofoam coffee cups and to actively reduce waste by using reusable coffee mugs.


Each year, it costs Americans 5.7 billion gallons of water and 9.4 million trees to produce the more than 20 billion single use paper coffee cups that are used in this country. Customers can conserve the green in the forests and in their wallets by bringing a reusable mug for morning coffee. It takes only 24 refills of a reusable mug, in place of paper coffee cups, to offset the environmental impact of its production. Considering that reusable mugs are designed to be used over 3,000 times, imagine the reduction of environmental impact versus using 3,000 paper cups.


To participate in the challenge, customers should bring a reusable mug to any of the participating coffee shop in Aspen and make sure their cup is included on that shop’s tally board.  Customers that aren’t taking their drink to-go can also help by asking for a washable mug. Customers win big by saving anywhere from [Article].25 to $1.15 on the price of coffee just for bringing a mug.


Why the challenge? City staff members noticed that the majority of waste in the trash cans around town was paper coffee cups. “We are very excited for the second year of the challenge, as last year proved to significantly raise awareness and alter consumer behavior,” Environmental Health Specialist for the City of Aspen, Ashley Cantrell said. “All participating coffee shops offer a discount everyday if you bring your own mug, and the savings could be around $200 a year if you drink coffee every day.”


Participants in the ZGreen Cup Challenge include:

Café Ink, Starbucks, Boden’s Butter, Peach’s Corner Café, French Pastry Café, Paradise Bakery and The Aspen Store.  Visit www.AspenZGreen.com for more.


Posted on Monday, February 06, 2012