Aspen Car Share Program 100% Hybrid

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Aspen Car Share Program 100% Hybrid

New Hybrid truck added to the fleet this week


Contact:  Lynn Rumbaugh, Transportation Manager, City of Aspen, and 970-920-5038

Aspen, Colorado – February 2, 2012– The City of Aspen is pleased to announce it is now the only municipal car share program in the USA with a 100% hybrid fleet. CAR TO GO, a membership based car sharing program just replaced a Ford Ranger truck with a new Chevy Silverado hybrid truck.  Now the program has 9 vehicles which include 4 Toyota Prius sedans, 2 Ford Escape SUVs, 2 Ford Fusion sedans and the new truck.

“We think of car sharing as a piece of the transportation puzzle”, said Director of Transportation John Krueger. “An excellent transit system coupled with access to a car when you really need one is an effective means of keeping our traffic volumes at or below 1993 levels, the ultimate goal of our department.”

CAR TO GO is a membership based program that now has over 150 members who share the fleet of 9 vehicles.  Members can reserve a car for the day they need it by phone or on the Internet.  They pay $4/hr plus [Article].25-.035 per mile which includes gas, maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance.  The idea is to offer people an attractive and easy to use alternative to owning a car.  Membership in the car share program helps individuals and businesses by providing transportation when they need it without the hassle and expense of owning, insuring and maintain a vehicle.  Memberships are available on an individual and corporate basis.

CAR TO GOcorporate memberships allow local businesses to access a fleet of hybrid vehicles for employee work and/or personal use.  Many forward-thinking businesses such as Alpine Bank also use CAR TO GOas a means of increasing bus ridership, walking and cycling amongst employees.  “Alpine Bank employees can access CAR TO GO vehicles for meetings and errands, eliminating their need to bring a personal vehicle to work,” says Rebecca Paschal, Manager of Alpine Bank’s AABC location.   “We view our CAR TO GO membership as not only a cost-effective way to do business, but as an integral part of Alpine Bank’s Green Initiative.”

Member surveys show that CAR TO GO users have increased their time walking, riding their bikes and using public transit while avoiding the purchase of a personal vehicle. 

A majority of the funds allocated to purchase the new truck were from a federal grant that is aimed at helping communities cut down on congestion and air pollution.

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Posted on Monday, February 06, 2012