City Open House on Mill Street Corridor Project

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City Open House on Mill Street Corridor Project


Contact:  Tyler Christoff, Project Manager, City Engineering/Asset Management Department, 970-544-3143 and

Aspen, Colorado – March 1, 2012– The City of Aspen is holding an open house Wednesday, March 7 from 5-7pm in Council Chambers to discuss improvements to the Mill Street corridor from the intersection with Main Street down to the Art Museum.  The open house is an opportunity for the public to learn more about this project and to weigh in with their ideas. 

Making the downtown core of Aspen more pedestrian and bike friendly and focusing on travel modes other than the automobile has long been a goal of the City.  In 2006 when the City of Aspen Civic Master Plan was adopted by City Council this goal was included, “Aspen’s future should be one in which the automobile pays a smaller role in people’s everyday lives.  Other modes of travel should be made as safe and convenient as possible to facilitate that goal…the level of investment in…more and better bikeways and walkways should increase.”  In addition, in 2009 City Council prioritized the Mill Street project as one among many pedestrian and traffic safety projects to move forward with funding from the Public Amenity Fund.

Tyler Christoff, Project Manager for the Engineering Department said, “The movement of people throughout Aspen is important to viability of our community not only now but into the future.  As external factors make traditional modes of travel less appealing we must look to improve our existing infrastructure to accommodate all user groups.  The Mill Street project aims to create a street for today and tomorrow.”

Specifically this project will use professional design and engineering services to develop and determine the feasibility and implementation of pedestrian crossings, streetscape improvements, bicycle lanes and traffic calming measures on the Mill Street corridor.

The project is slated for public outreach and design over the next few months with implementation in late 2012 or early 2013.  The City has $338,000 budgeted for the entire project, which includes construction.  The open house is the first step in getting significant community input on real and forward thinking solutions to making the corridor more user-friendly for all modes of transit.


Posted on Thursday, March 01, 2012