Tree Watering Information



Tree Watering Information


Contact:  Chris Forman, City Forester; 970-920-5120 and


Aspen, Colorado – April 11, 2012– Due to the warm, dry, windy conditions so far this spring, it’s already time to start watering your trees.  As most automatic irrigation systems have yet to be activated this early in the season, hand watering trees and shrubs will provide much needed moisture to their root systems.


It is best to provide water slowly throughout the root zone in a manner which does not create water running off the soil surface.  This can be easily accomplished with a very slow trickle from a garden hose or by filling a 5 gallon bucket with water and poking small holes in the bottom of the bucket.  Make sure to try and provide water to the entire root zone of the trees/shrubs.  Water amounts vary according to tree size, but a good rule to follow is to apply 10 to 15 gallons onceper week for small and medium sized trees.  For more information call/email the City Forester or go to and click on the Forestry Department.


Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012