Kids First Provides New Cribs for Infant Childcare Programs



Kids First Provides New Cribs for Infant Childcare Programs


Contact:  Shirley Ritter, City of Aspen, Kids First Executive Director 920-5363 or

Aspen, Colorado – June 11, 2012, – New Crib standards for childcare centers require the replacement of any crib purchased before June 2011.  Kids First through its quality improvement funding, will purchase and help assemble 26 new cribs for three local programs serving infants. The Aspen Skiing Company is also purchasing and assembling 17 new cribs for the Tree House childcare program. The old cribs are required to be destroyed so no one is accidentally using a crib that could pose a safety hazard. “Kids First is excited to be able to do this for the programs serving our smallest children,” said Shirley Ritter, Director of Kids First, “we plan to make it a fun demolition and work day.”


On June 13, a team from Lakeshore Learning will deliver and help assemble the cribs in the Yellow Brick Building in Aspen. Teachers and parents from the Early Learning Center, Aspen Mountain Tots, and Aspen School District Cottage will help with the assembly; the day will end with an infant-toddler workshop for early childhood teachers presented by Scott Burns, with Lakeshore Learning.


Ritter says “cribs that do not meet the new standards may have issues with drop sides, slat spacing, mattress fit, mattress support, paint and finish, or assembly. You really can’t determine compliance by looking. It’s always been a bad idea for families on a tight budget to put a baby in a used crib, but now it’s really critical that you make sure the crib was made after June 2011 and it should have a certificate of compliance.”


Did you know:

  • 3,520 full-size crib incidents were reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) from November 1, 2007 through April 11, 2010
  • 23% of incidents involved injuries resulting from falls from the cribs
  • 22% of incidents were related to crib drop-side-related problems which included drop-side detachment, operation, hardware and assembly issues
  • 12% of incidents involved infants getting their limbs caught between crib slats

These dangerous statistics and others are why the CPSC has mandated new federal crib standards. Under the new crib standards, day care facilities and hotels are prohibited from providing a crib for use that does not meet the new standards by December 31, 2012. These crib safety regulations and standards were developed to ensure child safety and protect children from injury or death.

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Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012