City and Developer Reach Agreement for Construction Mitigation Plan




City and Developer Reach Agreement for Construction Mitigation Plan



Contact: Trish Aragon, City Engineer, 970-429-2785 or

Aspen, Colorado – April 4, 2013 – The City of Aspen and Centaur have reached an agreement on the Construction Mitigation Plan for the redevelopment of the Gap building at 204 S. Galena Street.  The developer has proposed an accelerated construction process, which will shorten the disruption and impacts on the neighbors and community.  The City will allow the developer to purchase 19 city parking spaces on S. Galena Street (8 spaces) and Hopkins Ave. (11 spaces) and encroach on the right-of-way only through August 17th.   The project itself is scheduled to finish in December.

This agreement allows for the street to be clear for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge race in August.  In addition, the developer has agreed to reduce the impact of its footprint on 4th of July.

The developer is committed to maintaining a pedestrian walkway through the duration of the encroachment.

The overall benefit to the City and its citizens and businesses is a greatly expedited project in exchange for the encroachment area and parking.  This allows for no disruption to the bike race, all downtown activities for the remainder of summer and the latter half of the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Centaur is expected to begin work on the project next week.




Posted on Thursday, April 04, 2013