Distraught Man Taken Into Custody on Maroon Creek Road

Officers from several local law enforcement departments participated in the apprehension of a suicidal man on Maroon Creek Road, which precipitated a “lock-out” of the Aspen School District campus.


Shortly before 7:00 am, the Aspen/Pitkin County Combined Communications Center began to receive 911 calls from a distressed male stating that he was armed and anticipating a confrontation with law enforcement. The man gave several locations, prompting the Aspen Police Department and Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office to initiate a search around the City of Aspen and portions of unincorporated Pitkin County.


At about 8:00 am, the man was located about two miles up Maroon Creek Road. Upon contact with officers and deputies, the man drove further up Maroon Creek Road in his vehicle.


Due to the proximity of the Aspen School District’s campus relative to the incident, about half a mile up Maroon Creek Road, the Sheriff’s Office recommended a “lock-out” of the campus. When a lock-out is initiated on the campus, the campus buildings are locked, all visitors are denied access, and the students are moved into campus buildings where their day continues normally. The lock-out was implemented at about 8:15 am.


Officers contained the man and his vehicle about two and half miles up Maroon Creek Road. Attempts to communicate with the man were unsuccessful, and after several minutes of the man refusing to comply with their commands, officers utilized less-lethal beanbag rounds to subdue the man and take him into custody.


The man was transported to Aspen Valley Hospital with minor injuries. The name of the man, who is twenty-four years old and currently residing in the valley, is not being released pending charges.


The school lock-out was in place for about fifteen minutes, with normal campus activity resuming at about 8:30 am.



Thirteen Peace Officers from the Aspen Police Department, Basalt Police Department, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and Snowmass Village Police Department, as well as members of Aspen Ambulance, participated in the incident.


The collaborative participation of the entities involved in the incident – emergency responders, school district personnel, and other government departments –contributed to the positive outcome, as well as ensuring the safety of all community members

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2013