No Airborne Asbestos Found in Courthouse Plaza Air

Building to Remain Closed through Friday - Reopens to the Public Monday

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Asbestos Unit representative Jeff Adams today confirmed that air samples taken throughout the 18,000 square foot Courthouse Plaza office building contained no asbestos. The building will remain closed through Friday so that areas where traces of asbestos in dust were found can be sealed off and abatement begun.

“This is the news we were hoping for,” said County Manager Jon Peacock. “We were preparing for a prolonged closure but were told by CDPHE today that that it isn’t necessary and we can get back to business as usual. The building will be safe for employees and the public, as soon as we seal off the locations where the dust was found,” Peacock said.

Traces of asbestos in dust were found in the Human Resources offices on the second floor of the building and in two storage rooms in the basement. Those areas will be immediately sealed off by asbestos abatement professionals and cleaned and cleared of the dust.

“We will properly remove the dust so it can’t present a future health risk,” he said.

In addition to the abatement process by abatement professionals, a professional cleaning company will thoroughly clean the building before it reopens as an extra precautionary measure.

“We feel confident that after these areas are sealed off that our building is safe to reopen,” Peacock said. “We understand any trepidation that our employees or the public may have, but we have been assured by public health officials and the environmental company that did the testing that our exposure was minimal.”

As an additional proactive measure, county employees will be invited to an “all employee” meeting on Friday where they will have an opportunity to ask questions and obtain more information about abestos and their return to the building next week.

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014