City Pushes 'Clean Energy Week'

The City of Aspen has joined 31 other organizations around the country to support National Clean Energy Week, February 1-5. The groups are banding together to maximize efforts each is doing to move clean energy to the forefront of national policy.


“The idea is to get a critical mass of organizations calling for passage of clean energy/climate legislation now pending in Congress,” said City of Aspen Canary Initiative Director Kim Peterson. ”Clean energy and energy efficiency are top priorities for the American people as they are essential to job creation and economic growth.”


The City of Aspen is a leader in clean energy. Seventy five percent of Aspen’s municipal utility’s electricity comes from renewable sources, and the City has goals to bring that number up to 100 percent in the next five years through a new hydropower site and other sources.


“In 2005, the City of Aspen took an active stance to promote clean energy and address climate change by creating the Canary Initiative,” Peterson said. “Results to date include a community and city greenhouse gas inventory, a climate action plan and various policies aimed at addressing climate change.”


The City has also reduced its own greenhouse gas emissions by 21 percent and has numerous ways for citizens and tourists to reduce their own. For more information, click here.


Clean Energy Week is an unincorporated joint effort of over 30 NGOs, non-profit groups, companies and government agencies that wish to concentrate the voices of climate and clean energy on positive policy development and passage of legislation in 2010. Clean Energy Week takes place February 1-5 with workshops, press conferences, rallies and outreach activities on Capitol Hill and across Washington, DC, sponsored individually by the participating organizations. For more information, visit

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2010