Get Presubmittal Reviews and Approvals
Voluntary Presubmittal Meetings:
  • If you are applying for a landscape/grading, encroachment or ROW permit that is “stand alone” – that is, a permit that is NOT connected to a Building Permit, you are not required to have a presubmittal meeting with the Engineering Department unless staff specifically requests such a meeting.
  • However, the ROW Manager does encourage you to hold a pre-construction meeting as part of the permit approval process to understand impacts and identify additional permits that may be required.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your project, however, you can also voluntarily request a presubmittal meeting by contacting the Engineering Administration


Mandatory Presubmittal Meeting and Approval:
  • If you are applying for landscape/grading, encroachment or ROW permits tied to a Building Permit application, you may be required to attend a presubmittal meeting and pass a presubmittal sufficiency review.
  • If these thresholds are met, applicants MUST schedule a pre-submittal sufficiency review meeting with a Development Engineer.


The thresholds for Engineering Department sufficiency review of permit applications are:
  • The project will increase impervious area (this includes adding hard surface patios, increasing the footprint of the house, etc.)
  • The project will disturb >200 SF of land (this includes grading, even if a structure or hard surface is not added)
  • Impervious area will be “scraped and replaced”
  • Snowmelt is added or repaired


All thresholds for engineering review requirements are listed on our Understand Permit Requirements Page.

Sufficiency Reviews:

If your project requires an Engineering sufficiency review meeting, complete the sufficiency review checklist and supporting documents prior to this meeting, as they will be reviewed during the meeting.

If the Engineering review thresholds are met, the Development Engineer’s signature on the sufficiency checklist is required to submit a permit application.

To schedule a sufficiency review meeting with Engineering, contact the department at:

City of Aspen Engineering
City Hall Annex
517 E. Hopkins Ave.
Aspen, CO 81611
Phone: 970-920-5080
Office Hours: 8 - 4:30 (M-F)


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