Pay Initial Fees
Fees associated with your project will vary based on the specific permits required for your project. These fees may change or be due at different points in time during development. 


Calculating Permit Fees:


Please be aware that other fees may also be applicable to your project. For instance, Engineering Review and Permit Fee does not include Parks review fee.



 Posting Bonds:
  • Right of Way permits and Right-of-Way Earth Retention permits require the posting of maintenance bonds.
  • Standard bond requirements and agreements are included as a part of these permit applications.
  • The amount of the bonds required are the greater of a minimal amount ($2,500 in the case of ROW permits and ROW Earth Retention Permits) or the total value of the work performed in the Right of Way.
  • These maintenance bonds are held for a period of two years past the final inspection date of the project.


Building and Other Permit Fees:

If your project includes components outside of Grading, Excavating or using the Public ROW, you may want to visit our Estimate your Permit Cost Page.

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